Welcome To Your New Old Home

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Your first home. It holds dear memories of when you were just starting out, the birth of the children and their growing up years. But age has its way of sneaking up even to the most well-maintained of homes. Sometimes, you just need to spice it up a bit, too. A little tweak here and there might actually do the trick. Read on to get some ideas on how to pretty up that old lady without much effort and expense.

Deck the hallway

Your hallway leads to every room in the home, meaning, everyone goes through it a number of times during the day. A small but lovely chandelier would nicely light it up. Some mirrors perhaps to make it seem more spacious while functional in terms of last-minute touch-ups. You can even turn it into a tunnel of memories with artfully framed photographs along the walls.

Think green

Houseplants would be a wonderful addition to any space that needs some cheering up. There is always a kind of plant that will suit the lighting condition in which it will be placed. Most houseplants are known to have the beneficial effect of purifying the air within the home. It has also been proven that taking care of plants can considerably decrease stress levels and promote happiness. Ask your neighborhood garden center seller as to which plant is best for your home.

Color your world

Turn conventional, read, boring piece of furniture into a center of attraction by painting it an exciting and unusual color. It will brighten up the room where it is placed at and give it a quirky atmosphere.

Splash it up

A distinct and interesting backsplash can make the chore of dishwashing less pleasant. It can also transform a dull kitchen counter to one that is contemporary and attractive.

Sleeping beauty

A frilly and lacy bed skirt makes for a victorian era feel to your bedroom. Matching bed covers, linen, and curtains will complete the look that will make you want to cuddle up with a good book the whole day.

Look up

Find a reliable and trustworthy professional that specializes in home improvement services fort worth tx to add winsome crown moldings or some wood accents on your ceiling. These intricate details will go a long way in filling your home with charm.

Too hot to handle

Cabinet knobs can make an artistic statement and allows you to play around with ideas. The good news is, there is a great number from which to choose. You will absolutely have fun looking through the choices at your local hardware outlet. Enjoy!

Author: Sam Mees

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