Importance of Mulching – Mulch Make Things Look Beautiful

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If there is one thing that you will do for their landscape or garden – one action that you may take that can potentially bring the plants to life or prevent the current and the future disasters, then it is mulching. I am not just talking about the pre colored bark that you will see surrounding the lonely barberries in the lot. I am talking more about the real mulching with the workable materials, which your plants can eventually benefit from. The granted and painted wood chunks still have potential of breaking down in soil eventually; however, this process is slow as well as ugly and is not meant to serve purposes that the mulch must be serving. Thus, what types of mulches are good and why is mulching Montgomery AL the right option for your garden and landscape?

Time of Year

mulching Montgomery AL

Suppose you have ever taken the hike through the undisturbed forest, and stopped to look at what is going on under “messy” tree in a fall, you will get the better knowledge about what mulch is or what it is meant to do. When you look on your ground. What will you see? That depends on time of a year; you will see something very different. Quite notably, in a fall, you will see colorful blanket of the spent leaves, covering the whole thing that they land on. Suppose they do it on your lawn, then you will see the problem. In forest, these leaves are not at all a problem. They are a necessary and also welcome part of our ecosystem.

Complete Cycle

Mother Nature does not do anything accidently. The fallen leaves are filled with necessary nutrients that animals and plants in soil on a forest floor need. Also, they offer complete protection from winter weather, providing the barrier between soils and freezing temperatures. During this growing season, mulch keeps forest floor soil moist and cool, and creating the right environment for the plants and the animals to flourish. Size & thickness of a leaf cover is quickly and easily broken down by organisms living in this soil that improves soil as well as makes nutrients from the leaves available to plants again, and starting this cycle over.


In the controlled environment like landscape or garden with the artificial range of the plant materials, trying to let the whole thing mulch naturally itself is just impossible. Job belongs to gardener.

Author: Sam Mees

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