Steps on Using the Generator

Using the Generator

Playing the games will refresh and relax you from the exhausting day. If you are interested in playing the shooting game, then play the Pixel Gun 3D game. This is an incredible and amazing shooting game and popular all over the world. At this game, you can win the gems and coins after the battle you won. These gems and coins are used in purchasing weapons, gadgets, gears, and armors. If you don’t win the game easily, then you cannot earn the gems and coins which is not good for you. If you want to earn the gems and coins, then visit this website for earning the gems and coins for free. In this website, you will find a Pixel Gun 3D generator which is used in your game account for earning the good amount of money. This platform is 100% trusted and reliable for the cheats and hacks for the Pixel Gun 3D.

Pixel Gun 3D generator

Steps of using the Pixel Gun 3D generator:

The generator of Trade Tricks is very easy to use, and you can purchase the gems and coins as much as you want by following the simple steps:

Step 1: Find your player ID, if you don’t remember your player ID, then doesn’t worry. Just open the game and visit your profile in the app. In the bottom of the profile, you can see your player ID. Enter your player ID in the generator.

Step 2: After you enter your player ID in the generator, then select the platform you are using. The generator wants to know which device you are using which include the Android, Windows, and iOS.

Step 3: Once you select the device you are using, then after that select the resources you want to generate for the game. With the help of a generator you can generate the 3600 gems and 6000 coins. But it is the maximum number of gems and coins because in the official game it is the maximum number of gems and coins you can purchase.

Step 4: After that click on the start button for starting the generator process.

Step 5: At last you have to select the app or service which this generator shows. That’s it now the generator will add the gems and coins in your game account.

If you need any information regarding the generator, then visit this website for knowing the entire details about the game.

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