How to Restore your License after a Drink Driving Offence

Many alcoholic drinkers remain unique criminals because they learn the lesson and swear never to drive under the influence of alcohol again. After a crime involving drunk driving, the offender cannot drive, as one is considered a threat to the safety of other drivers. However, after 28 days the suspension of the license will be canceled. But then it’s not as simple as returning the license to the violator, when the clock shows 12 hours on the appointed date for the suspension to end, there is still a process of restoring the license.

There are five important steps in the process of restoring a license.

First, the offender must visit the local magistrate’s court before the expiration of the license disqualification. You must provide the court with a copy of the notice of the violation or, possibly, a driver’s license, and apply for a license renewal.

Secondly, the offender must pay $ 81.90 along with the application for the restoration of the license.

Third, the court will set a date for the hearing, which will be 28 days after the request. Early filing of such an application is certainly an advantage for those who wish to restore their licenses shortly after the suspension period.

Fourthly, in anticipation of the day of the hearing, the offender must take the drink driver training offered by many groups in the area. Upon completion of the sailing course, a certificate of delivery will be delivered and submitted to the court. In addition, the offender must attend a police interview, which is usually held one week before the date of the hearing.

Finally, the offender must be present at the hearing and provide evidence in support of the request. Click for more details.


The five important steps in the process are equally applicable to repeat offenders; but they must comply with an additional requirement, which includes passing a beverage management assessment within a 28-day period prior to the hearing date.

Author: Sam Mees

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