How To Pass The Supervised and Unsupervised Urine Test?

Unsupervised Urine Test

When it comes to urine tests, the supervised screenings are a real pain that is hard to fake. There are times that there is no way you could escape it and end up giving your legit pee. In such a scenario, there are two possible ways you could do, detoxing your body or masking with detox drinks. It is possible to completely remove all traces of THC from your system depending on the times you do it. If you are detoxifying, you would need for approximately 30 days to free from THC. But, if you don’t have that time frame, then you could try some other ways to pass the test. Click this over here now for detailed info about passing a urine test.

Ways To Pass The Urine Tests

Some find urine screenings trouble that they can’t escape. But, this stressor comes with ways to pass that screening. Set your worry aside and learn these possible ways to clear your urine from THC levels:

Diluted Sample. If you are into an unsupervised test, then you could somehow dilute water to your sample. The more water there is, the lower the drug ratios. You could also drink more water before giving the sample, to achieve the dilution. But, this way does not always guarantee you a negative result. By pouring water directly into the sample bottle, you could get it diluted. This would only work to unsupervised test and test that allows the usage of a sink.

Adulterating a Sample. Another way to pass a test is to interfere with the drug levels of the testing bottles. By adulteration your sample urine, you could somehow pass the test. You can do it by adding chemicals like soap, vinegar, or any other liquid to the urine. But, be careful as there are times that adulteration can cause a chemical reaction. You might end up submitting bubbling urine, and that is pretty obvious. If you want, you could get some adulteration product in the market or, substitute your urine.

Urine Tests

Substituting Urine Sample. This is the other way to pass the test. You are submitting a fake pee instead of the one that comes from your system. You could use another person’s urine, which can be tricky or, creates your own fake pee mixture. If you are using other people’s urine, it won’t guarantee you as well, you never know who is on what. Note that real urine could grow bacteria for hours so better yet, create your own fake urine. Look for synthetic urine kit in the market and see the package on how to prepare it.

Synthetic Urine Kit

Synthetic urine kit comes with powdered urine that imitates real urine. This urine needs a proper mixture of water and the right temperature to make it real and pass the test. You can see this online but, make sure to check the parameters before you order. For most products, they have a shelf life of two years but, this does not apply to the mixed powder. Always keep the kit away from sunlight or at room temperature. Most of all, the perfect temperature is crucial and must be between 32° and 38° C (90°-100° F). It could help to buy synthetic urine kit with heaters and pads to ensure the right temperature.

With all these ways to pass the urine test, you need to be careful especially for a supervised test. But, for what it is worth, these could help you escape from the THC levels to your sample urine.

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