Camp Pokemon: the ideal mobile game for children to discover

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In most cases, Pokemon video games are released in Europe under the Pegi 3 label. This indicates that it is possible to play it as soon as you are over three years old. However, it is complex for children to become familiar with a universe that has its own codes. The software is based on a summer camp where all the creatures meet. And where your dear toddlers can learn everything about the essence of Pokemon video games. Thus, the mini-games will ask you to memorize what is the shadow of this creature, what are the possible evolutions or even what are the power relationships between the different types. Of course, Camp Pokemon is not for pure license specialists. Mini-games can be entertaining, but they quickly become boring.

Pokemon Quest the very first action RPG spin-off

Nintendo’s mobile gaming strategy took a whole new turn with the arrival of Pokemon Go. Big N now relies on players’ in-game transactions rather than charging them. It was in this new offensive that the Pokemon Quest mobile game was unveiled. This is the very first spin-off developed by the historic creator Game Freak. First available pokemon go accounts  for free on Nintendo Switch, the software has been released on iOS and Android since June.

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The game first stands out with innovative designs. Exit the original drawings, which have been constantly improved. Pokemon Quest chooses the Minecraft cubes. In terms of gameplay, you are dropped in the middle of an island where you will have to identify and catch the 151 Pokemon of the Kanto region. You can also add to your own base. In short, all the possibilities worthy of an RPG action are offered to you, provided you have a good amount of storage on your smartphone.

Here’s a summary of the best Pokemon mobile games that are available on iOS and Android. Which mobile game would you like to download for your part?

Pokémon “: new game launch  on mobile

. Dissimilar from Pokémon Go, Pokémon Rumble Rush is concerning discover new islands and new pokémons that you have to capture. The game environment changes every two weeks to renew the experience, via updates. The 8th generation of Pokémon has just arrived . This phenomenon delights the greatest. At the entrance of video game stores, Pokémon make their appearance once again. Inside, the children have a smile on their faces. They are all excited. Their eyes are attracted by the new “jacket” of the two new versions

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