What should you consider to create your online store?

create your online store

To create an online store it is necessary to take into account a series of considerations so that you are as successful as possible. Having a business is not easy and on the web less still.

In this article, the idea is that you find a checklist, which, obviously, seems sometimes not so simple to complete.

What are you going to sell?

Even if you already have a กางเกงยีนส์ nudie business and your new online store is an additional sales channel, it may be convenient to start with only a few product lines, in fact, you could start with a pilot with only the best-selling products through your traditional channels, or define brands, packages or combos that you want to boost through your online sales. If you still do not have so clear what can be sold in a virtual store, I recommend you read our article what can be sold through an online store?

Who are you going to sell online?

 You must clearly define your target market, establish what is the potential for online purchase of your  products and/or services and define what would be the percentage you want and could achieve meet. If your product is new to the online market, you may need to develop it. There are tools that can help you define potential sales volumes such as Google Trends.

online purchase of your  products

How are you going to supply?

Now that you have defined your products, target clients and potential market volume that you would like to take, it will be up to you to define how you will supply yourself, will you manufacture or distribute ?, if you distribute, of whom or who. If you consider importing products, you can know the imports of the category in Customs Import Registration or through the available payment options.

Prices and Promotions:

 Like any business, an online store will require a clear pricing policy, including discounts, freight values, etc.

How to beat your online competition:

 It is essential that you know who will compete on the web and what options you have to beat them. On the internet, a large part of the game will undoubtedly make your online store visible, you should know that much of what is uploaded to the Internet, nobody sees it. Appearing before your competition as a result of some search will be fundamental. This is what is known in digital marketing as SEM is the payment positioning strategies, such as  Advertising in Google and organic positioning of the website, «SEO» , which companies use to appear as a result of searches before their competition.

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