Need to know Merits of using Crypto currencies


Before knowing Bit coins benefits, you have to know what bitcoins is. It is a type of cryptocurrency or digital money which is generally generated by a computer process called mining. This is an international currency which does not regulated by governments or banks in other words, it does not have any central authority to be controlled. This electronic money can be used to buy products and services from anywhere around the world.

  1. No fraud – Unlike credit card charge-backs, bitcoins payments are digital and the sender cannot counterfeit or reverse his payment. You can keep address of bitcoins without revealing anything about your identity at that address.
  2. No identity theft – Though it is a small transaction, you have to give access to your whole credit line of your credit card to a merchant. On the other hand, when one transacts биткоин, the sender does not need to offer other extra information.bitcoin
  3. Immediate payment – Bitcoin transactions are peer to peer that is when sender sends money, the receiver gets it directly without any involvement of third party. So, the transactions are made without delay but purchasing things with real money involves a number of third parties.
  4. Lower transaction fees – There is less or sometimes no transaction fee for crypto currency transactions or exchanges as the network compensates miners. But while exchanging physical money there is always some fees that should be paid for transactions.

You can enjoy all these benefits when you own bit coins

Author: Sam Mees

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