Installation of resin floors

The resin resists perfectly in humid environments such as the bathroom . In the same way it is an excellent choice for the kitchen : it does not fear stains, food splashes or sudden changes in temperature. Its resistance is its strength: a resin floor can hardly be damaged, even in a particular environment such as that of the kitchen            commercial epoxy floor coatings.

Although recently used in the residential context , the resin has carved out a respectable place among the most loved and used surfaces for its mix of excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics.

We talked about versatility , an adjective that well embodies the potential of resin: it is a type of flooring that is used both for domestic interiors and for outdoor spaces , not to mention the whole segment of commercial and high-traffic activities.

Like any other material, resin also has some disadvantages , including being subject to wear and scratches . For this reason, very often the areas most subject to foot traffic in the house are protected, for example with carpets. Furthermore, when deciding to lay a resin floor, it is always advisable to evaluate the substrate on which the floor is to be laid, to prevent irregularities from forming in the resin layer.

In some cases, UV rays can have a yellowing effect on the resin and the solution generally consists in treating the floors with more resistant polyurethane finishes . Finally, it is possible that if it gets wet, the floor will become slippery.

The first thing to do when laying a resin floor is to check the bottom on which it will be applied , because if there are cracks or irregularities of a certain entity it is necessary to fix it. On the other hand, in the case of a new construction, it is always advisable to check that the substrate is completely dry and stabilized. However, to facilitate adhesion to the substrate, you can choose to apply a fixative primer.

Once the support has been verified and the necessary operations have been carried out, it is possible to proceed with the application of the resin, an operation that can be carried out thanks to the use of a special roller or spatulas.

Author: Sam Mees

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