How to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction?

drug and alcohol addiction

Pain, anger, and frustration surround the struggle with drinking. Overcoming an addiction to alcohol may be impossible but actually, it is not. If a woman is ready to give up drinking, she can recover from drinking and alcohol abuse, unmindful of how heavy or how powerless her drinking habit is.

Most people with alcohol problems neither will decide to make a big change nor change their drinking immediately. Recovery is normally a slow process. Nevertheless, a positive change will occur gradually.

The first part of the recovery process is stopping alcohol from the system of the addicted person. Women with severe alcohol abuse can experience signs of serious withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal are mild for some but more severe for others. They may suffer from anxiety, hallucinations, shaking especially in their hands, depression, and transient changes in blood pressure and heart rate.

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Types of de-addiction programs

Detox programs will help to look a step ahead to rehab and their types are given below:

  • Inpatient treatment – In this case, women live in a clinic, drug hospital, or Denver rehab This treatment is meaningful they have serious medical or mental health problems. They can offer a complete approach to alcohol treatment, including nutrition advice and a customized exercise regimen. The time required to participate in such a treatment program may vary but generally lasts between 1 to 3 months. In most of these programs, women will not share group counseling sessions or living accommodations with men.
  • Outpatient care – Alcohol addicts get some treatment during the day, but they live at home. It can be as simple as regularly visiting your health care professional to get the meds. This is usually a safe and low-cost option for those with mild or moderate alcohol withdrawal. Many outpatient facilities provide reasonable flexibility such that addicts can continue to work or attend school simultaneously receiving treatment.

You need to think about your needs and look at the quality and cost. At the same time, you want to find a program that is licensed and has trained staff and a high success rate.

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