How to Download Gta5 android version on your phone

Download GTA 5 Android

Gta5 is the nextedition in the GTA Vice city series of rock star games. With an engaging plotline, interesting characters and detailed graphics, this is recommended that you download gta 5 android gaming app for your phone.

After looking at the wide reception and love for the gta series, Rock star games has now launched gta5 android and gta5 ios separately for the operating systems. You could expect minor differences between these two versions, however, the gaming experience remains the same.You can experience the game in both First-person perspectives (FPP) mode and Third-person perspective (TPP) on both the platforms. It would be worthy of mention at this point that given the dimension and specification of the devices, you could expect a minor difference in the gaming experience on your phone (android and ios) compared to the PC. This, of course, is understandable.

Download GTA 5 Android

Nevertheless, the overall gaming experience is uncompromised. You experience a clean and glitch free game, quick loading and high-quality graphics which are all optimized for android systems. There can be a little reason for disappointment if you are a music lover, because of the limitations on the radio channel, however, you can overcome that by loading your own favorite songs into the folder.

Steps to download game on android

Now coming to the important part you had been waiting, here are the quick and easy steps for downloading the game on your android.

  1. Select the gta5 apk from the download links at our page
  2. Choose an option to download gta5 free from any restrictions
  3. The gta5 should get downloaded without any hassle
  4. Install and launch the application
  5. As the screen is loading, you may be asked for verification. In that case, you are required to open the pop-up page and follow the instructions.
  6. Restart the game after successful verification.
  7. Hurray! You are now free to play the game as when you like.

Congratulations on your successful download, but read this information carefully for your awareness.  Bear in mind that depending on the version of your android phone, the graphic quality and the free space available, you may experience slow loading at the time. Rock Star games continue to make up-gradations for the seamless gaming experience, but this is beyond our control.

The software programming for android systems is slightly tweaked compared to the PC version due to optimization for mobile phones. But this will go unnoticed as you immerse into the big bad world as you download gta 5 android version fully functional in your phones, anytime and anywhere!

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