How to choose a coaching course


From time to time I receive emails from people who want to train as coaches and ask me what the best coaching course is. I know what it is to look for a course to train as a coach and all the doubts that arise before deciding on a course, THE CHOOSE from among many. I know because I’ve been through it. The variety to choose from is wide, face-to-face, online, life coaching, executive coaching, intensive, for several months, with certification … Having so much variety is good, but we can get lost among so many options and among so many things unknown to us how the type of Certifications and how to access them. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a coaching course


There is no BEST coaching course, look for the right one for you

When I decided  h2 maths singapore that I wanted to train as a coach, I started looking for the “best” coaching course. I searched the internet, wrote on Google’s “best coaching course” “ranking best coaching schools” without getting any clear result on which was the best course. I contacted people who had done the training in different coaching schools. They told me what the course they had taken was like and gave me their opinion on that course, but they could not comment on which is the best course, because they had only done one or how much two courses on coaching. I visited different schools, with different methodologies … And after all this process I discovered that there is no “best coaching course” there is the coaching course that best suits your needs specific, depending on what you want to do that course for, the time you have available, the modality (face-to-face, online) the methodology they use (theoretical, practical, experiential)

Author: Sam Mees

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