Different types of material used to make labels

Labels are crucial in the promotion of your goods. Many people remember the product based on the label and packaging. So, if you want more people to come and buy your goods, you must have the correct package label. There are many examples of labels that are produced from various materials. Label printing in Aurora must be done on good material so that it can stay for a longer period without fading. Best material label will help you to improve the packaging look. Let us look into some of the types of materials that are used in making labels.

  • Cast gloss paper: This type of paper has an additional layer of gloss, giving it a mirror-like appearance. The extra gloss applied to the material gives and quality look to the label. One more benefit of the extra glossy is that it will protect the label from moisture. Such type of labels is used in the beverages and retail sectors. For beverages, it is the best option as it can resist moisture.
  • Machine coat paper: In this type of label the finish coat is done by the machine that is why it is called machine coat paper. If we compare it to the cast glass paper it will be less glossy than that. It is used in the sectors where the label needs not be of high quality and moisture resistance. You must laminate the glossy if you want it to look like cast gloss paper. It gets used in all the different sectors.
  • Uncoated paper: This is the type of paper material that has a textured finish. It does not have a smooth glossy finish which you can find in cast gloss paper and the machine coat paper. The label can also get various texture patterns to give it a vintage appearance. This uncoated paper is much popular among the drink genre.


Finally, these are some of the types of materials from which you can choose one for you. You can also find many other types of materials which get used for making labels in the market. I hope you will choose the best material for you.

Author: Sam Mees

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