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MLS-Free Alternatives That Will Assist You in Making More Money with Your License

All Nevada Real Estate licensees may take advantage of our agency’s license hanging and referral service, which we are pleased to do. At our company, we provide you with the opportunity to make use of brokerage-level service and network listings without the need to pay any extra costs. When you hang your license with Key Advantages, you won’t have to worry about paying MLS membership dues, but it will still cost you money to get started as a new agent. However, you can activate your license and begin making commissions as soon as you do so.

Are you an existing licensee who is eager to get things rolling?

One of the most extensive real estate reference networks in Nevada is managed by Key Advantage LLC. Real estate brokerage may be conducted with Key Advantage NOW without MLS membership. In addition to facilitating conventional representation, the brokerage presents recommending licensees who choose to hang their license with Key Advantage with unheard-of levels of financial incentive in the form of referral commissions. After receiving a written recommendation, the brokerage will promptly verify the referring licensee as the person responsible for the lead by obtaining a returned signature from a brokerage representative.

New Licensees

The brokerage offered by Key Advantage LLC is excellent for new licensees. The expenses connected with starting a brokerage business in Nevada and keeping it running may be rather pricey. Key Advantage LLC provides reasonably priced programs to register for and continue holding a real estate license in the state of Nevada. Referral and license are hanging, and non-MLS practicing real estate are available as alternatives via this agency.

Transferring Licensees

Many Nevada licensees looking for a less expensive option to keep their real estate license current have turned to Key Advantage LLC as their provider of choice. The real estate possibilities that the brokerage provides include referral/license hanging and no MLS practicing. You may examine the contract, rules, and actions necessary to transfer a current Nevada real estate license to Key Advantage and nothing MLS practicing real estate choices by clicking the link below. That’s very much all about referral broker in Las Vegas, NV.

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